Quality Control Department

One of the main challenges for any factory is maintaining the quality of its products over time and continuously improving their quality level. Factories that have a high product variety and production quantity face a harder task in overcoming this challenge. Khousheh Fars Flour Production Company (KFF) is currently a manufacturer of thirty-five different types of specialty flours in large volumes, distributing these products daily in twenty-four provinces of the country. This achievement has never been possible without gaining the confidence of both major and retail customers. KFF customers trust our products because the quality of our flours has always been desirable.

The desirability of KFF products and their superior quality are dependent on the precise activities of the Quality Control Department in the factory. KFF’s Quality Control Department owns an advanced laboratory where all factory products are tested and analyzed from various aspects using the best equipment available, and the results are directly communicated to the customers. The successful maintenance of quality control in the factory is solely due to the selfless efforts of the efficient and dedicated personnel in this department.

The Quality Control Department has undergone two phases of growth and modernization, with the first upgrade taking place in 1982 and the second in 2018. Even before the second upgrade, KFF managed to obtain the National Standard Encouragement Award in 1990, making it one of the pioneers in the flour industry. Today, KFF’s Quality Control Department is considered the reference laboratory for comprehensive analysis of flour and wheat in the country.

Customers of KFF products can be informed about the technical analysis of the products prior to placing an order. For this purpose, KFF’s Quality Control Department conducts the necessary physical, chemical, microbiological, and rheological tests on its manufactured products in accordance with national and international standards, providing customers with quality certifications and scientific analysis of the products. This allows customers to be aware of the desired flour quality and the quality of the final product before use.

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