KFF Flour for traditional Iranian Bread

KFF Special Flour is tailor-made for baking authentic flatbreads using both traditional and industrial methods. For an outstanding Barbari bread, a touch of bran flour on the bottom surface works wonders. Achieving that desired layered texture in Barbari bread calls for proper dough kneading and a well-deserved rest. Our KFF Special Flour is crafted from a harmonious blend of local and foreign wheat varieties. With an ample amount of bran, it’s a healthy choice packed with essential nutrients like iron and folic acid. This flour’s ideal composition, combined with optimal baking conditions, ensures your bread stays fresh for longer.


The Perfect Choice for Traditional Flatbreads – Barbari, Sangak, Lavash, and Taftoon


Our KFF Special Flour boasts a gluten network that’s just right for crafting delectable flatbreads. With our flour, enjoy improved water absorption and a more voluminous dough, allowing you to yield more bread from the same amount of flour. Experience the benefits of our flour as it evenly distributes fine pores and meshes across your bread’s surface. This uniform distribution guarantees consistent air pockets and prolonged freshness. Enriched with iron and folic acid, KFF Special Flour truly stands out.

Product analysis

Moisture 13 - 14 %
Ash Sangak: 1.3 - 1.2 %
Barbari: 0.8 - 0.7 %
Taftun: 1.1 - 0.9 %
Lavash: 1.1 - 0.9 %
Moist Gluten 31 - 29 %
Gluten Index 80 - 70 %
Dry Gluten 10 - 9 %
PH 6.5 - 6
Acidity 2.4 - 2
Granulation under 125 µm sieve >50

Other Features

Product weight: 40 Kg
Product type: Flour for traditional breads, bulk and semi-bulk
Cooking type: Traditional, Iranian
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