KFF Bamia Flour

KFF Soft Flour is used for cooking Zulbia and Bamia dishes. Zulbia is alternatively known as jalebi, while bamia or bamiyeh is also called tulumba. Zulbia and bamia are dough-based sweets that are fried and immersed in syrup, often cooked during the month of Ramadan for fasting individuals. The flour used for cooking zulbia & bamia should have a high bran content and a soft texture to create a sponge-like and porous final product. KFF bamia flour has the ability to absorb syrup and retain high moisture, making it suitable for cooking zulbia and bamia dishes. This flour, while absorbing moisture, maintains its structure and retains its crispy and soft qualities.

Product analysis

Moisture 14.2 - 13 %
Ash 0.55 - 0.45 %
Moist Gluten 29 - 27 %
Gluten Index 85 - 75 %
Dry Gluten 9.7 - 9 ٪
PH 5.5 – 5.7
Acidity 1.9 - 1.7
Granulation under 125 µm sieve 80 - 75 %

Other Features

Product weight: 40 & 25 Kg
Product type: Pastry, cake and biscuit flour
Cooking type: Traditional, Iranian
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