Danish Pastry & Cookies Flour

This flour is used for preparing Danish and buttery pastries. KFF Danish and butter pastry flour has a soft texture and is suitable for producing various Danish pastries and other dry, layered, and buttery pastries. It has a light color and a fine grain size. This flour has a high bran content. Additionally, it contains a high amount of protein and gluten. As a result, the dough made from this flour has excellent elasticity, making it ideal for baking pastries. Some advantages of KFF Danish and butter pastry flour include minimal oil consumption, easy handling, versatile application, and a pleasant aroma and taste in the final product.


Danish Perfection from Persia

Product analysis

Moisture 14 - 13 %
Ash 0.55 - 0.45 %
Moist Gluten 29 - 27 %
Gluten Index 85 - 80 %
Dry Gluten 9.5 - 9 %
Danish Perfection from Persia 5.9 - 5.7
Protein 75 - 75 %

Other Features

Product weight: 40, 24 $ 5 Kg
Product type: Pastry, cake and biscuit flour
Cooking type: Modern, Foreign
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