KFF Bran Flour

Each individual can incorporate one to two tablespoons of wheat bran in their daily meals such as soups, salads, yogurt, various stews, cutlets, vegetable fritters, and potato fritters according to their preference. One teaspoon of wheat bran can also be added to a glass of milk. Wheat bran is known for its stress- and fatigue-reducing properties, as well as its digestive benefits and weight management properties. The outer husk of wheat, known as bran, is separated from the wheat grain during the milling process, resulting in bran flakes. Wheat bran is a highly nutritious food, rich in dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Product analysis

Moisture Max 12%
Ash Max 6/2%
Protein Min 13

Other Features

Product weight: 20 Kg
Product type: Specialized flours
Cooking type: Traditional, modern, Iranian, foreign
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