KFF Macaroni Flour

Coarse semolina flour is used for preparing various types of macaroni, pasta, spaghetti, noodles, and vermicelli. The most important component of macaroni and pasta is wheat starch. Therefore, the key factor in producing high-quality coarse semolina flour is the type of wheat used for milling. KFF’s coarse semolina flour is made from a specific type of wheat suitable for macaroni and pasta. The flour has a coarse texture and a yellow color. KFF’s special macaroni flour is rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals, and it is made from hard wheat, with durum wheat being the most famous type. KFF’s special macaroni flour is traditionally used for producing various types of macaroni, pasta, lasagna, vermicelli, and noodles. Due to its high gluten content, the starch in this flour does not gelatinize during cooking.


Italian Perfection from Persia!

Product analysis

Moisture 14.2 - 13 %
Ash 0.55 - 0.5 %
Moist Gluten 29 - 27 %
Gluten Index 80 - 70 %
Dry Gluten 9.5 - 9 ٪
PH 5.5 - 6
Acidity 1.8 - 1.5
Granulation under 125 µm sieve 40 - 30

Other Features

Product weight: Shipping with bunker
Product type: Food Flour
Cooking type: Modern, Foreign
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